Wednesday, February 11, 2009

to accept or not to accept???

there's a sister asking for my opinions on my friend. i told her everything i could. i believed that my friend was to be offered a post in this one society. then, when i woke up this morning, i realised i missed one sms [maybe i was already asleep by that time] last night.

the sister asked whether i would be ready or not for any commitment in the same society. or maybe i just want to focus on my study only, she asked.

i replied this morning. i said, i couldn't say that i'd be ready for any commitment, but if anything was to occur on the spot and it required a short-term commitment, i'd be okay to take it.

just like smac.

oh, how i missed those moments.
those nights.
those games.
those fights.
those guys. [hah?!]

everything needs commitment, agree??

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