Thursday, January 29, 2009


i just want to make it sweet and simple.
happy birthday to me..
selamat ulang tahun, wahai diriku sayang..

thanks a lot to those who remembered..

>those who sms-ed me right after 12.00 last night
>those who sent comments through my friendster
>my pktr 07 friends who had thought of guys ROCK like always..
>those who came to class, shook my hand and hugged me..praying me the best..
>my core coursemates, who sang sweet birthday songs with lots of versions..
>my roomie, zaty, who got me a bar of black forest cadbury, which reminded me to someone back in my schooldays..
>my special loved ones-abah, mama, opah, angah, iwe and adik, really touched my heart on my birthday morning with their call..iHEARTyou..

what i want from my 19th so-called birthday..
::i want to act more matured
::i want to focus more on my studies
::i want to love and be loved..spread the LOVE, people!!
::i want to go home..desperately..=[
::i want to hug all my friends, can I??
::i want to think..??
::i want to be blessed always by Allah, all the time, Aamiin..

nak dsc t77 satu?? [;


ainin said...

hepy blated buffday k.pqah..=)

ainin said...

hepi blated buffday k.pqah..=)