Friday, February 13, 2009

the curious case of benjamin button

owh, no!! i just couldn't wait any longer to watch this movie. people kept talking how marvellous it was, and i wanted to be a part of that community,too.

planning to watch it by this sunday.

why not saturday??
because i'd have physics class on that day for one and half hour. plus, the showing times are only available at 11am, 2.30pm and 5.30pm. each takes 2hours and 46mins.

not saturday, since my class will only end by 2 and i don't want to take any risk, rushing for it. besides, even we go for 5.30 one, i don't think it's good, because it will consume the time for maghrib prayer. so, not saturday, ya people!

already asked krie, don and josh. my roomie will go, too. others, i don't know. still have to ask atiqah, my schoolmate to join and bring along kak, too.

why am i so desperate to watch this movie??

it's because the plots and storylines. totally different from any movie that i've ever watched, i guess so. so, is anyone else coming?? we don't mind, as long as you're cool with us.

oh, benjamin button, do wait us, occay??

p/s:did i tell you that..
-last wednesday's night, en satu phoned me. it's nothing much talking..hurm..
-yesterday's morning, i met en tiga. seeing him from the upper side. and those girls claimed that i'd gone crazy over him. not really, actually.


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