Thursday, February 12, 2009

chocolate cake

just now, me and zaty [my so-called roomie] were having a big slice of moist chocolate cake, that costed us rm3.00. it was a so-called fluorescent light dinner..??oops, should i say, supper??
we snapped some pics using zaty's phone because mine's not so good in quality. i'd upload once she transferred them into her lappy.

i guessed, half an hour ago, we're just so greedy that we took a rm3.00 one, than the rm2.50 slice. because we were both too much hungry, but later then, we ended up leaving the pieces on the table alone.

i'm sorry if you found how bored and dull this blog is.

no photos.
no pictures.
no emoticons.
no animations.

because i'm too lazy to put and upload them all, plus it takes time.
and i hate wasting time, you see?? [how pretentious..haha]

i feel bloated

1 comment:

Nurul_Zaty said...

njoy ya kite mkn kek itu..hee
i alredy upload those pic..

tq f for being my nice roommate!
tnpa kamu, siapala aku di sni kan.. :)