Friday, January 23, 2009


went out to mydin today. the traffic was damn congested with cars from all directions. the journey which normally took us for only 30 minutes, got us for an hour because of the traffic jam.

this morning when me and wa were on our way to reading class, i actually bumped into that engineering guy named syafiq. woohoo. boy, was i wrong! he's so tall, wearing a black shirt. but, my heart didn't fluttered at all. at least, he made my day and i actually had the reason to smile in spite of me, losing my slippers when i got back to my room at 1.30a.m..

on the way back, we went through the plaza because i needed to withdraw some money for today's outing. in front of stad, as i was to turn around, i was almost hit someone, that to my surprise, was en satu. ah, so embarrassing.

okay, it's not the end yet.

after we hopped off the bus and crossed the road, at the main gate, i saw lam from afar. my heart jumped in excitement. and we met qim, too. he looked so plain.

oh, so happy to meet my crushes..haha[evil smile]

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