Thursday, January 1, 2009


yeah, i was home for almost a week already. i had a lot to tell but because my laziness had its control over me, most of the time, i refused to post any update.

yesterday, i had quite a serious bouts, which at the same time, limited my ability to breathe properly. i had mild fever, and i refused to take pcm, even my dad insisted that i better took it. no, i didn't take it at all. well, the pcm excess will stay in your body for about five years, plus the effects it will give to my beloved liver. NO, i won't risk my organs. LOL.

alhamdulillah, it actually has 'hikmah' beneath those things. well, it's NEW YEAR, and Allah gives me the chance to have a 'NEW' me.

i intend to have a new haircut by today before i get back to pj, again this saturday morning. urgh, exams!! they await me to have a great torture on my mind, body and soul. 'thanks, ya!'

right now, i have a very short breath and i'm feeling 'something' tight on my chest. it doesn't hurt, but you'll feel like you've just finished a 100-m run.

i'm tired..

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