Friday, January 16, 2009


we're going to husm [me, wa, far and en.satu]. to the psychiatry clinic to meet prof. jamil, the head of psychiatric department. we were to interview him regarding schizophrenia, the problem-based-learning assignment for biology 2.

me and was arrived earlier, but the other two were quite late. as soon as all of us gathered, we went straight to the clinic. the prof. asked us to interview his patient first, a 20-year-old lady. she looked shy and we tried hard enough to cheer the atmosphere. en. satu with his not so funny jokes, for the least made her comfortable. i didn't know why, but i loved the way he made himself and her comfortable with each other.

after an hour, we went to the professor back, this time, with afzan joining us, and the professor was the one who asked questions to us. we spent an hour there, too. en. satu was quiet at most of the time there. i didn't know why.

then, we're off to get our lunch [me+wa+afzan].

after that, we went to my mom's room. and chatted for a while.

i called my dad to get me home, together with wa, while afzan was going to meet a doctor there. while waiting for my dad, i could still see en.satu was still waiting, maybe for someone to pick him up.

then, i was at home with wa.

no longer saw him
he actually rang me yesterday for today's[3012208] matter.

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