Friday, January 16, 2009


it was an exam day. english reading mid sem for level 6 students. it was supposed to start at 9.30, but due to some things that we couldn't avoid, it only started at 9.45 and would end at 11.15. woohh, it was tough and i guessed i sweated in the coldness of air-conditioned amf hall.

as it ended, i was already prepared to go home for mid-sem break. i packed last night and couldn't wait any longer to go to putra terminal. did i tell you that this time, i was going home, accompanied with 3 other girls and 4 guys?? well, i guessed, now you knew it.

me, tiqah, aina and kema went out first. we queued to get taxi and there were some stupidos and idiotas passed in front of us and waved for the taxi. cihh..[memang nak kena n carik pasal ngan f la nih]. but we're lucky enough that the next taxi was ours. haha. felt like we conquered the world. woohoo.

aina called don to tell that we're already off to putra. they said that they're going to be a little bit late. so as we reached putra, we went for the mall to get some food. and kema got new shoes as we stopped by at a shop. woohoo. we had our so-called brunch[breakfast and lunch] at kfc.and waited for the guys to come.

they finally came and we're just finished our brunch. we went upstairs to perform our dzuhur and asar jama' and qasar solahs. our trip would be on 2.30p.m. so we walked away from the mall as soon as we finished. the guys were already there, waiting for us. we hopped into the bus and off we go!!!

but seriously, the day trip was so damn boring, and the boredom almost killed me to death!! i even texted krie who was just a seat behind me!! i slept and woke up for several times and turned to the left just to see aina's face again and again. in the middle of our journey, teacher rozi actually called en. satu and then talked to krie who sat next to each other. don and farisham were just behind us.

we stopped somewhere in merapoh[because different buses stopped at different places in merapoh]. i just managed to get 2 bars of danone's chocolate biscuits because i was running out of money. woohoo.

as we entered kelantan[yahoo!!], we stopped again at gua musang's R&R to perform maghrib solah. me and aina were the latest persons to enter the bus back. the guys even made us a joke. i noticed that the guys had changing their seats and en. satu was just right behind me. they were watching madagascar 2 on his laptop. laughing here and there, i guesses we were the noisiest gang on the bus!! it was fun and enjoyable to get home together with them, because i knew that those guys[even any guy] from our alma mater were protective enough, maybe that's why i didn't feel awkward at all!!

when we reached machang, all the girls but me, went down. and the guys took the advantage to disturb me, the only girl left. but, i felt no offense pun. then, en. satu asked me whether i wanted to stop at kubang kerian or kb. then i scolded him back[in a good way] because i had asked the pakcik before and the guys made fun of it. so, i told him that served him right. he just laughed and said that he had no idea when i asked that pakcik. oh, was that so?

so, i asked krie, where he wanted to stop and he decided that it was at kb. so, i just followed him lah. en. satu still wanted to try asked the pakcik tho. me and krie chatted about our favourite korean boys, who else, DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki/DongBangShinKi. and en. satu sat clueless. he even admitted that he had no idea at all about what we were talking about.

we finally reached kb and en. satu went to ask the pakcik. he told me that the pakcik refused to go there after i asked him. so, all three of us just waited in front of the telekom centre. krie's sister appeared soon and he left two of us there[but there were still a lot of people, right behind us, okay?!]. i saw him kneeling and he actually changed his contact lenses to his spectacles! i was quite mad at him by saying that it might cause infection to his eyes. but, he just ignored me and told me that he was used to it.

we talked a lot. i told him that my dad got my brother a set of ps2. he even suggested why didn't we take xbox? well, it's way too expensive and with ps2 alone, i guessed it could keep my brother homed. he advised to tell my brother to take care of his eyes during playing ps2 as he explained that he wore spectacles as a result of playing too much computer games. i just could laugh at him. but it was so sweet that he was there with me.

my family arrived at about 10pm. so i had to leave him there.

we're going to meet again..

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