Friday, January 16, 2009


i know, i know, it's WAAAAAAYYY too late to post. but well, it's my blog, ayte?! so, i gues it's never too late for me to post anything that i got in mind.

okay. straight to the point.

since that day was a public holiday, we, too, here in cfs, were in holiday too, me, aina and wa decided that we went hanging out, where else if not in MV. since it was going to be our last hangout for the year of 2008, because we were going back on the upcoming saturday.

if you could see the atmosphere there in MV, it was so joyous, that i felt a little bit envy. why?? because christmas was celebrated more colourful than our eidul fitr. it looked quite unfair..if you walked around there, every center of it, had at least two huge christmas trees.

okay, fine. maybe when the time i walked to MV during the last eidul fitr, it was already a week after it. so, no bother-lah, i guess. but still, i was not satisfied.

we hanged out at my favourite place, mph. i finished 3 comics there, until it was almost dzuhur prayer. wa asked us to go prayed first before we continued with anything. so, we looked for the surau. then, since all of us were craving for food, we decided to go for kfc. simple and fast. but, it was so damn crowded.

we had no other choice, except to go upstairs, to the food court. it was the same, a horde of people crowded the place. but, we're not going down again, just to face with disappointment. there, i figured out that i was the only one to take heavy food. aina and wa just shared abc dessert. i took a big plate of briyani rice with masala chicken [yummy2]. costed me almost rm10. woohoo!! but it was satisfying and i was FULL and BLOATED!

on the way down, i stopped at several shops to look around for new cameras and computer gadgets. but, the rest didn't seem interested to join me. so, i went alone. they just sat somewhere on the bench.

before we're going back, wa insisted to get herself a box of kfc. so i accompanied aina to get some donuts. she refused big apple, but instead took a box of 6 dunkin's donuts.

and we were ready to go home [in cfs-lah, of course]. met syamsul, pidot and their friends. we went for the same bus. reached cfs at the same time as asar time.

and me, full and bloated to the night. i could still smell the curry sauce on my hand. woohoo.


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