Saturday, January 17, 2009


i went earlier to the chemistry class this morning. while i waited for my lecturer and my other friends to arrive, my stomach ached. i wondered if i had food poisoning, but i really didn't think so. was just i because i ate extra piece of bread, then my tummy turned like this??

the 2-hour class was at least not bad for me. i could still concentrate, while bearing the pain inside my tummy. as the class ended, i felt like going to the toilet, but then, i figured why the so-called stomachache suddenly came??wooho. yeah, i knew it. i thought i could stand to go for another hour of physics class, but, i told wa that i couldn't wait any longer, because the pain was still inside me. so, i skipped class and went back to my room to get some rest.

i really wanted to finish 2 more chapters of biology, but i just had one only. i started to have muscle cramps inside my tummy and also at my back and legs. so, i decided that, I SHOULD SLEEP.

i was not fully recovered when i went to writing class that evening. but, i was just OKAY, i guessed.

then, came the bio2 exam. muscle cramps attacked again and in that amf hall, i suffered, both from pain and stress. i was all blank. totally, seriously i'm telling you. i felt like crying, shouting and etc.

as i came back to my room, i could still pretend that i was 'ow-kay'. then, when my dad rang, i suddenly burst into tears and stammered. i could not speak, just crying, all i could do, was telling him few words, that i was all lost, totally L.O.S.T..

everything went back to normal and me and my roomies, chatted until 3.30 in the morning since our classes, all started at 10.

at least, i felt like the burden had gone, even it's just for a while.

preparing for the W.O.R.S.T

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