Saturday, November 15, 2008


music: music of my heart ~gloria estefan + nsync~

i couldn't figure why tonight, i felt like to puke all the burdens from my heart. i finally realised that through blogging, i could at least let myself free out of those stress [and stress is good, that's what j said].

i'm tired of being a puppet. people love controlling me, even they never admit that. and they won't. never and ever. i rather lead myself astray, than to be dragged here and there. i have my own principle, people!! i just need your ass get out of my way. every step i've taken, i know well the risks that i'm taken with, too. let me fall, so that i can finally stand up by myself. i'm saying this not because i don't need anyone next to me. it's just that, sometimes i really need the air. the space. the privacy.

i admit that, i've been such a stone-headed kind of girl all this while. but how can't you see?? can't you see that it means something.

it really does.
[ i wished you, those people, can have a look at this].

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