Monday, November 17, 2008


yesterday, me and aina went out with krie and the other aaj, um students aka our besties, bull n josh. we had our way to mydin and got ourselves at least, two plastic bags of stuffs. then, josh and bull dgn besar hatinya, treated our lunch of the day. at kfc. yummy. spent rm15.20, but well, josh's paying. LOL. got myself a set of snack plate, pepsi float and a colonel burger. i'm a BIG-EATER, okay?!! it seemed so hard to see josh and bull leaving us. we splitted at the bus station of pudu. but, it's okay. we're just near to each other. i thought of visiting her on the next weekend lor.

btw, it's not the thing that i was sorry for. after asar prayer, everyone was so 'kalut' for me. asking when i was going to buy the raya haji ticket. well, i was in a damn-tired mood and i didn't have guts to be mad at anyone. i just nodded and saying 'yes' to everything. people decided for me yesterday. seriously, i was exhausted [penat angkat barang tak habis lagi].

the thing was actually happened last night. as usual, i went to aina's room just to hang around with her. she was busy with decorating her study table. LOL. then, she said that she wanted to told me something. so, i said okay. i knew it's private between us and i said, 'come to my room once you finished your thingie.'

she did come and at that time, i was like sharing my anecdotes with zaty. so i let her, 'lepak' on my katil. it turned out that my conversation with zaty took quite some times.

poor aina. she said she's leaving and she was not in the mood of telling me anymore. it just vanished, that's what she said. i tailed her from the back, pleading her to tell me. and it'd be my honour to listen to her. she just continued with her stuffs [which i thought had finished]. i pretended to sulk, and thinking that she would ready to tell me. but she's not.

this morning, i spent most of my time in my room, doing my own stuffs. then, after zohor prayer, i surfed the net and so focused that i didn't know that there had been some messages in my inbox. about after asar prayer, i got my hp and got 2 sms-es from her.

1st one on 14:10pm.
she asked me whether i had my lunch or not [which i had at 12noon].

2nd one on 15:20pm.
[maybe she thought i was sulking, so that's why she's sending this].
she said sorry about last night. she knew that i was angry and would not mind if i never want to talk to her anymore. but all she wanted was for me to forgive her. she's not so ready to confess on me yet. she'd tell me if i wanted to listen to.

a misunderstanding. i went to her room and surprised to see her sleeping. so i woke her up and said last night thingie was nothing.

i'm so+very+really300 sorry, my dear. my bad. i've never been a good friend to you eversince. i so+very+really300 didn't mean it to hurt you, deep down to the core. i hurt you right?? i hope i won't have to repeat that anymore. you're always there whenever i need you.

if you're reading this, my dear...

i love you.....muahx300

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