Saturday, November 8, 2008

s.e.l.a.m.a.t p.a.g.i c.i.n.t.a <3

Julia (Fazura) and Ilham (Pierre) experience a turn in their relationship when Ilham discovers that he suffers from a terminal disease but he decides to hide it from Julia anyway. She begins to doubt his fidelity when he secretly goes out often, when in fact he's undergoing treatment. Meanwhile, Azam (Que Haidar) and Suci (Sharifah Amani) are another couple with problems. Suci comes to believe that they are not right for each other as Azam frequently breaks his promises – but there is more than meets the eye. (Source: Cinema Online)

Release Date
20 November 2008
Running Time
Nurliana Samsudin
Nur Fazura Sharifuddin, Pierre Andre, Que Haidar, Sharifah Amani.

p/s: the director was pierre's ex-'awek', okay?! this one triggers my heart because of its touching trailer i saw last few days. hope it's not going to disappoint me again [since pierre is the scriptwriter, and also because 'i'm not single' was so unsatisfying], who knows, with yana directed this, it'll be so much better. hoping for no more nonsense dialogues, just like in 'i'm not single'. the storyline was ridiculous, which i hated it so much. it could be better. so, let's just wait and watch the new one.

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