Saturday, November 15, 2008

my final results of sem 1

music: yang pernah ~estranged~

i thought i'd made myself clear on that. but i didn't know why. thinking of it once again almost made my cry just few minutes ago.

it was devastating.
it was frustrating.
it was killing..


that brought me back when i was in my primary school. i was always to be compared when i got any of my examination results. they thought that life would never be perfect unless they compared me with other bunch of kiddos. hated that. i remembered every single thing that they compared me. and i didn't want to repeat that dark phase of my life.

people there could never wonder how i was struggling during my finals. my mistake have a last-minute revision. that was something i would never deny.

and i'm here, trying to be a better person..
[with some 'badder' attitudes]..

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