Sunday, November 9, 2008

marriage conflicts

i know, i was way too young to give comments on these. but i'm matured enough to understand what had happened around us.

last weekend, on the sunday noon, i was like the other viewers who loved to entertain ouselves by watching 'melodi'. well, i'm a normal teenager. of course, i'd love to know all the things, happening in our showbiz.

norman hakim kena tangkap basah. i forgot what's it in english. with memey suhaiza, an actress and a model. the week before, they were both denying that they were having affairs. Allah the Almighty. you're caught red-handed. they were in the same business premise when the jakim people caught them. again, nh stood for his so-called innocence. he even said that he was responsible to protect memey's family name, bla..bla... i said, BULLSHIT!!. how about your wife? had she ever crossed your mind for a sec? how about her dignity? her family's name?
abby just cried when the terjah reporter, nas ahmad interviewed for her words.

and the story continued, in this week's episode, where aa filed for her second divorce[they had their first divorce few years back, but then they rujuk to each other bak], which failed, because she had no certain documents [since nh kept all of them].

she confronted her hubby at the gerak khas shhoting location, which was followed by a group of reporters. from a far side [since the reporters gave them some privacy to talk], aa looked like to puke all her anger to her hubby. after a few moments, the reporters joined them. to make things worse, while crying, nh popped out that she had to keep memey and family away from that matter. aa yelled at him by saying that he kept backing up 'that other woman'. nh then walked away [ i don't know, maybe it's too crowded. maybe his mind was crowded. embarrassed maybe, since his wife yelled at him. or stucked because it seemed that no other way, except for a d.i.v.o.r.c.e, again??!]

i felt like to kick his dumb ass. running away wouldn't help a thing.

anyways, yh came, maybe to console, maybe to persuade, maybe to calm aa down.

well, let's hope that it will be settled in peace.

please..don't involve your precious gems of your life..your children..

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