Sunday, November 9, 2008

back again to my college's life

last night was my very first time to travel alone. seriously, alone. i had never been in my life to go somewhere, with me, myself. there would always at least someone to accompany me. for example:
-during my flight to and from kl, i had bro afnan.
-during my flight to and from brisbane, i had a bunch of cool buddies with me.
-during my journey for ytr course, me and fuad.
-during my journey back after the above, i flew with tirah n fuad.
-my journey to college for the first tume, was with my family.
-the other journey(s) from and to college, there would be always people that i'd known.
-all the journey(s) during schooltime, teachers and friends were everywhere with me.

luckily, it wasn't a nightmare. but i had a hard time to sleep because of the seat. my seat was in executive coach, only ten passengers there, compared to 30 at the upper side. the seat was in the front [since i held a ticket with the seat no. of 1]. and i always got distracted, everytime people passed by or when the lights were on.

anyhow, the bus departed from jln hamzah sharp at 9.30pm. once i suddenly woke up, because the bus halted. i thought it was waiting the red traffic light to turn green, but the real story was, there had been an accident. terrible. spent about more than 30 minutes there.

alhamdulillah, i arrived at 5.50am. cikai [who arrived earlier] welcomed me as i hopped from the bus. there were bieyl and norli, waiting us at the seats in putra station. we waited for another person to come, kak. she arrived about 15-20 mins later. luck was by our side again as we got this pakcik who offered to send us, those 5girls [a normal taxi can only carry 4 ppl] to pj, with rm5/person. quite affordable.

we splitted as we arrived at our mahallah. kak was with me and cikai carried the other two to her room. since me and kak were on our cuti, we had our sleep again. yeah, we needed the energy to import the kc-ians' stuffs to ac. i believed that, it would be a hectic job awaited us.

after me and cikai registered ourselves, we had our tour to ac to have a peek inside the rooms that those kc-ians would have to stay until short semester. kak was fortunate enough to get a room for two. while bieyl and norli [both for separated rooms] had to share with another 7 ppl. 'masak..masak..'. however, the wooden lockers were almost damaged by the anai2. then, we went down to have our breakfast. and, we're ready to escort 3 of them.

we transported their stuffs by putting them into the elevator. everything seemed to be smooth at first until it's bieyl's turn to transfer her stuffs down from the third floor. we filled the elevator with her and her friend's stuffs, when the elevator suddenly stucked. it closed, but it didn't go down to the ground floor where the others were waiting. we had the situation where the door kept opened and closed for several times, until one time, bieyl went out with some of the stuffs, thinking that the elevator might be overloaded. then, the elevator went up to the forth floor and back to the third floor. this time, the door was merely opened. me and bieyl's friend kept shouting at bieyl to help us to open the door. but it was all in vain. we pushed the emergency button, but it didn't function. panick started to arise in me, but i tried to control myself.bieyl ran down to the ground floor and got some help. fortunately, the door opened by itself after a few trials. we held the door and moved their things out, which meant that we had to transport those thing using the staircases. it was quite lethargic, but at least, we're not stranded in the elevator anymore. the lorry came. we moved the things to the back side of the lorry, with norli there, awaited for the stuffs. norli went to ac with the lorry, while me and the others, struggled ourselves very hard to bring the trolley luggages on the hill-y road. again, we was fortunate enough that madam sa'yah [kc's principal] allowed us to have some of the luggages in her car. fuuh. my shirt was all wet with sweats.

as we arrived in ac, this time will be a lot harder because we had to get all the stairs to the upstairs. norli was in the ground floor, bieyl's in the second floor and kak's on the third. we were all gasping for the air as we finished putting their things in their rooms. eventhough it used all my energy, i enjoyed myself actually. they did appreciate us [me and cikai], which made me to forget all my tiredness. together, after getting ourselves some drinks, we made our moves to the first floor of kc, to reward ourselves by watching melodi. fun, right?!


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