Sunday, November 9, 2008

300708 ~today is wednesday, so..~

salam' is wednesday, so here in cfs, it is compulsory for all female students to wear white scarfs, and the guys have to wear, too, is a very special day. Isra' and Mi'raj. but can't tell you much since i have no time yet to collect and compile all the facts regarding this day. Muslims are encouraged to fast today, so many of us do fast. [what's wrong with my language?? very lazy one. bored you to death. LOL]i'll catch up with this topic later, when i'm truly's highlights..morning sessionbiology 1 class, 1 hour - start with chapter 4, which madam azlina was so sure that she'll finish that chapter on cell cycle by this friday. the chapter is supposed to have 5 hours of teachings, but she'll make it into 3. LOL. it's because the content is not that much as chapter 2. btw, her due will be in the first week of Ramadhan. can't wait to see her baby. huhu..mathematics 1 class, 2 hours - continued with chapter 3. learnt about multiplicity of graph [i guess that's the title of the subtopic]. quite fun since i'd started to love figures and symbols again after quite a long time ago.evening sessionarabic language, 2 hours - we had finished until chapter 13 [13 chapter for our mid-sem exam] yesterday. and finished the muraja'ah part also. so, just now, we discussed on the past sem paper. no essay [alhamdulillah]. managed to get 34/40. *happy* seriously talking, this sem arabic language is much,much easier than my arabic lesson when i was in form 1. so i MUST and MUST and MUST score this paper on 16th of August, 2008.english language level 5, writing, 2 hours - homework, units 13 and 14 in focus on grammar exercise book. learnt modals, passive verbs. then, had peer-editing essay, which every person will get one essay that we'd written yesterday on "The Effects of Oil Price Hike in Malaysia", he or she must mark any mistake that had been done by the writers [us-lah], and give comments in the forms provided. passed to madam norhayati and you can go back. finished even before 5.

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