Sunday, November 9, 2008

280708 ~life is truly complicated..but..~

salam'alayk..feeling like to blog more when i'm still free. who knows, that i may get busy in the next semester. yeah, with physics, biology and chemistry to cover, i'm sure there'll be no more time like this.i have a friend. a good friend. she loved to listen to others' problems and would be pleased to solve all of them, despite of hers is not that less. she is offered to do biotechnology in canada by two years' time. so, right now, she has a-level to immerse her brain in, in a private college.unfortunately, as i listened to her stories few days ago, the environment was not that encouraging. her college has quite a stiff competition and she worried that she couldn't cope in the future. that's one thing. another thing, the place is so much sociable. for me, it's not weird as we now stay in a place that called metropolice. social problems can be anywhere, even in our hometown, except that here, can be worse. she's surrounded by unhealthy and immoral environment, which she worried that she could never survive.that's LIFE..complicated..unpredictable..but as long as we have our faith on Him, always and forever, by His willing, we'll never get lost. stay strong to His deen, His Book al-karim and all the Prophet's sayings. we'll be immuned to any source of bad things.dear my friend [if you're reading this],may you always be in His strong as He is testing you always..

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