Sunday, November 9, 2008

270708 ~english level 5 presentation~

salam'alayk.. by the way, the speaking presentation will only be held after our mid-semester break. thanks to Allah. at least we have some more time to prepare ourselves, physically, mentall and emotionally. yeah, presenting in front of a bunch of people [even you do know them, can be a little bit scary. plus, you have to overcome your fear and nervousness, or else you lose your marks. LOL. we all also need to maintain our eye contact with the audiences. that, i bet, is not that easy. before i forgot, sabrina, one of my classmate for biology 1, mathematics 1 and english, left us on the last tuesday. she got the felda scholarship, which offered her biotechnology to overseas. where? i don't know. the administrators will decide after she finishes her international baccalaurette [don't know whether i spell it right or not] aka IB. she'll do the IB thingy in banting mara college. she said that she was supposed to leave by friday, but, all of a sudden, the people who in-charge of all these things, called her, in the tuesday morning. i waited for her as usual for our english class [writing], and then, she came down and said that she's leaving. sob..sob.. . she had to skip classes or else, she had no time to pack her things. she was rushing that she left some of her belongings in her room. well, friends may come..they may go, too. Allah has set the fate we have to separate this time. i can't do anything, except to let her go. there's must be something hidden behind all these. that's all.. need to finish my speaking outline and script. got to send them by tomorrow to madam sally. sweet madam sally. i'll tell about her later. i don't want to risk myself sleeping late again, eventhough my class will only start at 11 tomorrow. daa~ for now..

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