Sunday, November 9, 2008

250708 ~bad-worse-worst~

salaam.. what can be worse other than doing badly in the quizzes?? i don't know why, but i seemed panicking when i answered the maths one. maybe it was due to schedule change that we had to do the quiz earlier, so maybe, i was kinda shocked. it went almost the same for biology this morning. panicking that i found no questions on water at all. more to nucleic acids, carbohydrates etc.. i did read [not bad la] the topics. but i didn't know why, i forgot what i had read. i did left some stucture questions. what a waste! well..i'll try again for another part of the quiz [since the quiz has 2 parts]. the topic will cover on enzyme, enzyme technology and technology of analysis. wish me the best.. may Allah will always by my side..

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