Sunday, November 9, 2008

220708 ~quizzes~

salam'alayk.. this thursday i have my first maths 1 quiz..hoho..quite scary lor..when my lecturer was teaching us the first chapter, i'm kinda blurred since my brain still in the process of warming up. doing all the exercises in that thick,heavy textbook, yet, i'm still nervous and worried if i'll answer them wrong or i maybe careless or i can be panicked at that time and start to forget everything i've learned. argghh!! there's so much to think. well, i'll let the worries dismiss from my mind by leaving all of them to Allah the Almighty. He knows better.. and the next day, i'll be having the biology 1 quiz, part 1, which covers until the subtopic of nucleic acids. another part will be enzyme and all the analysis techniques. woohoo..!! ticket had been bought last week from the PERDANA aka persatuan anak2 darul naim. not lucky enough to get the ticket to return to cfs back. so i had asked my abah already to get two for me and nabb, on 9th of august night. maybe by mutiara or transnasional. either one. can't wait to get home as i miss everyone there like crazy. thanks to Allah S.W.T. for giving me so much strengths to continue my journey here, in cfs, far away from my beloved ones. my english is too much plain, but i'll keep it up as soon as possible. plus, in my level 5, we have to write so much formal essay, cause-and-effect essay. i'll try my best. hate to disappoint them, myself too. may Allah bless me all the way through..

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