Sunday, November 9, 2008

210708 ~mid-sem break..and exams~

peace upon you.. my previous post was supposed to tell about my classes, but i was too carried away and that's what you get *chuckle*. my sincere apology comes from my heart since i was more to 'melalut'. our mid-sem break is on 4th to 10th of August, 2008. aina and i will be going back to kelantan by the uia-machang-kb bus, provided by the PERDANA[persatuan anak2 darul naim], at the night of 2nd of August, 9 p.m.. mid-sem break is no alone without the mid-sem exams [aiyak..!!] so far, this what the exams' dates will be. 02/08/2008, Saturday - ENGLISH [reading and grammar] 11/08/2008, Monday - MATHEMATICS I 16/08/2008, Saturday - ARABIC LANGUAGE [chapter 1-13] BIOLOGY I [chapter 1 - origin of life] [chapter 2 - chemical foundation of life] [chapter 3 - ultrastructure and function of cell] so fikah.. chaiyouk2..aja2 fighting..

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