Sunday, November 9, 2008

210708 ~clubs and societies~

peace to be upon you.. here in cfs, iium, pj, as i've been told, participation in clubs and societies is not compulsory. nevertheless, we're not limited to join only a club or society. you can join as many as you're interested in. anyhow, it is copulsory to all students to join the academic-based societies. i'm in MEDCY[medical sciences students' society], which consists of pre-medical, pharmacy, dentistry, allied health science and nursing students. there are lots of activities, yet to be discovered, such as zenith of khalifah, last semesters exam questions sale, career and motivatonal talks, and the list goes on. well, here, some infos on the clubs i've joined so far..

ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB *chuckle* i've been imagining myself being an environment activist or environmentalist in cfs. actually, i was inspired so much of preseving our Earth after watching a documentary by Al Gore, 'An Inconvenient Truth'. truly, the truth is much,much more inconvenient. our Earth was sick, is sick and will continue to be sick if we're just standing wherever we are. come on guys!! let's help our mother nature. she needs us, who else would, if not us???!! in the agm aka annual general meeting, i stood up to suggest that we go camping, bird-watching, night walking, cave exploring and so on in gua batu maloi, kuala pilah, negeri sembilan. also, i proposed that our club should have the 'observation squad' or 'skuad pemantau' like uum, to keep an eye to the cafes' owners, to ban the polystherine. well, i didn't know whether my words were being heard or not. since i filled in the form by choosing the publisity and promotion bureau, and i got that, we're required to decorate and make full use of the advertisement board. i was given, nope i volunteered to find the required information and current issues to fill the board. three ideas, that were, global warming [narrow down to deforestation], disadvantages of plastics and polystherines, and smoke. ok. enough about being green, for a while.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLUB i put red, because this club is so much full of spirits [not that unidentitfied spirits ok??!!] and colours. this club is more to having fun while we're doing the activities. we have exuberant seniors of second year students to give this club more highlights. the agm was conducted by throwing a party. a party-like agm. thumb's up to the committees! we had the multimedia presentation, watched the videos prepared by a sabahan brother, lucky draw [macam2 aznil's style], poisoned balloons and first-year committees' nominations. hope to enjoy the club as much as the seniors did. but not THAT part. amiirah knows what i mean.

G'RIMIS aka GRUP IMPRESI SENI this society searches for the members, who are interested in stage performances and decorations, khat writings, percussion, nasyid, tilawah and hafazan al-quran, and there go the lists. the agm was held in al-malik faisal hall, at night, 8.15 p.m.. we had speeches from the president and also the ex-president, who was also there to show his support, our new advisor, madam rosmiza. watched the nasyid performance from the new generations of IQ-NID, having their seniors on the floor, judging, maybe. the climax of the night was to listen to the manifestos, presented by the first-year commitee nominees, for the posts of secretary and assistant, and treasurer and assistant. there's a speech from a sister nominee, which was so full of 'ayat2 berbunga' [since she's a BM public speaker in her former school], and guess what, you're right, she won the post for secretary assistant. congratulations to all the first-year nominees that had won. those, who were lost, it's alright, you could still contribute to our society.

there are 3 of them, excluded the academic-based society. some people are surprises by my participations in quite many clubs or societies. well, i'm trying to balance myself. at least, i dont hold any post, so it wouldn't burden me that much. the hightlight of the month for students' activities is the FSCC nominations. i forget what the FSCC stands for, but it's more like the leadership committees, who will handle and administor other students. some sorts like that. it's like our BPP in faris-la.

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