Sunday, November 9, 2008

210708 ~classes~

salam'alayk to those who read.. well, life as an university student[although i'm still doing my foudation in cfs, i'd rather consider myself as one of uni students], can be very tough and stressful at the same time. in this semester, we don't have any assignment to be wooried of, instead, we do have lots of homework[hah??!! homework??!!],also got 2 speaking presentations [group and individual] and also a maths1 project work. anyway, to be frank, it's quite to late to tell all these nonsense stuffs since we'll be having our mid-sem holidays less than 2 weeks from now on. so, if we have mid-sem break, of course we do have our mid-sem exams. waaargh!! it has been pressing on me so hard as i need to score 3.5 if i want to stay in my programme [pharmacy, if some of you don't know yet]. also, we are allowed to change to medicine if we want to. but, until this moment i'm typing this, alhamdulillah, Allah still sets my heart to stand in this programme. well, there are some people still asking me if i love to switch my programme because pharmacy was not my first choice in applying upu before. and AGAIN, i would like to stress that i'm staying in pharmacy programme, no matter what. i believe, that pharmacists[insya-Allah, i'll be the one of them,too] can contribute as much as the doctors, to the people, to our religion and to our nation. wish me the best!!

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