Sunday, November 9, 2008

080808 ~sad~

salaam..when i woke up this morning, sad things suddenly flashed back into my mind. i didn't know why. all that i remembered was i used to collect erasers and stickers [a child's thingie]. the last time i saw them was the days before i departed for my boarding school, for about five years ago. they did have sentimental values for me. few years back, when i was scavenging around, looking for them, all i knew, they were all gone. i was told that they were sold. maybe trashed into some bins around my house. i was devastated. all my beloved things, that i wished i would have something to ponder when i grew up, were all gone. i took quite some time to recover myself back to be frank, i hate remembering those stuffs. i don't want my heart to be burdened with these avenge, revenge and vengeance things. it will be heavier as i go through my life. i have lots more [special moments, sweet-bitter memories] to perish.and now, i'm T.I.R.E.D!!

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