Sunday, November 9, 2008

060808 ~flu attacks~'s been a while since my last post. sorry for not keeping promise to myself, that i'll keep updating my blog as soon as i reach home, but i've been postponing it. i did view my blog everyday, it's just that i didn't feel like to type down everything for the time being.flu. yeah flu did attack me today. felt like getting fever. it's alright. there's a good sign beneath it. read my inbox just now. got an email from mr harith. there's a conference [ some sort of that], discussing global issues. i'm quite intrigued, but hesitated to go or not. it'll be held on 19th of august,2 to 3 days in penang, which means, there are classes to miss. it's a collaboration with usm penang. i'll decide later, ok??

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