Monday, September 15, 2008

self conflicts part 2

you remember en satu, the one whom i spent my sleeping hours, just to chat with him via ym?? this guy, i guessed, he's just so complicated. well, guys are COMPLICATED, right?? i met him few times, but never once he had the guts to say hello to me. was it hard enough, if only to say hye or hey?? i could accept that because i knew his character. egoistic. stone-headed. but my bestie was way much luckier. they met, they had said no words. but en satu immediately texted her. i said WHAT??!! i thought, i was jealous and envy of her. stupid. me, not her. i love her. always. i wanted to ask her desperately, whether she had crush on this en satu, so that i just could back off. but, first of all, i knew that i would be her laughing stock throughout the week!! i didn't want to have a fight over a guy. it's embarrassing. it's humiliated. stupid act, okay??!!

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