Thursday, September 18, 2008

secret admirer no 2

2nd secret admire
mr lam. this guy, huh, has a gangster look. LOL. did he?? no-lar. yeah, maybe with the 'serabai' hair. moustache. beard. he did look a little bit scary. but he's TOTALLY KIND!!!! very gentleman. gets friendly with everyone despite who they are. and i just had my chance to have a chat with him. but i wasted it. he's so close to me. i mean he sat next to me-lar. aiyah. must think bad2 one ha??! we're just discussed on our work regarding the things-to-do on our competiton. can i say it again?? he's EXTREMELY NICE!!! soft-spoken. i thought i was going to melt there. hehe. he is a handsome bloke. HE IS!! i wonder if his moustache and beard were removed. and no more 'serabai' hair. only short one. eww. no more handsome-lor. he's much better in his situation right now. accpet him as what he is ok?? he did look tired just now. too busy maybe. poor him. so poor this guy, had to suffer from all these busy things. haaa..
i think,i'm going to see him again for quite a number of times, because our bureaus need to collaborate with each other. and i'll be happy to do that. hoho3.

p/s: and fick has this so-called gatalness disease. no cure found yet.

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