Thursday, September 18, 2008

secret admirer no 1

haha. this girl has nothing in her mind except those she admires.
1st secret admire.
mr miq. knew him when i was first came to the elc agm couple of months ago. i thought he was the senior from either gombak or kuantan campus. but, he's surely not. he's one of the cfsians. good-looking. smart. fair. shor hair. 'jambu'. tall.
then, met him again when i was on my way to my study circle, the first session. it was an accident. so shocked to meet him. from that, knew that he's truly a cfsian.
then, came the bureaus meeting. met him again. of course, he's one of the prominent figures of the club. i was about to enter a dark class, to take a chair. while he was there, switching on the lights. my mouth was so 'gatal' and 'gedik' that i gave 'salam'. it looked like there's nothing wrong with that. but i was just so 'segan' with him. luckily, he replied my 'salam'.
after that, did meet him for few times. but i stsrted to lose my admiration towards him due to the incident during the lac. lost my respect on him.
heard that one of the committees told us that there were some of them that didn't perform their prayers. wallahu'alam. i didn't know how true was that.
was he involved?? i just didn't know.
just now, during this ec meeting, i couldn't believe that he entered the ly room with bro nala. so shocked maa. my sis asked him to join. so i guessed he just came in.
i said bye to my sis. and he's quite 'gatal'. also wanted to say bye to us.
'memang dasar lelaki tak boleh tengok perempuan dahi licin. tapi dahi aku tak licin.' so just assume that he's saying byes to others. i just 'jual mahal'.

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