Monday, September 29, 2008

on that day..

people say, expect the unexpected..
and i say, that is the moal of my story..

the morning we supposed to get back to kelantan, me, aina and cikai were in one bus, budaya b. the buses arrived and i was playing the 'budak baik' part, went to ask the person-in-charge aka pic, which was which our bus. and i got our bus. i was busy-ing myself with others, with our luggages.
we hopped on into the bus. i saw the seats had been filled. so we moved to the back. full again. cikai and aina got their seats, and i wasn't.
i believed that there were certain people who had their seat without any approval. shit. damn shit.
the pic got his friends to transfer me to the other bus. i shook hands with my friends, you could never wonder how i felt at that time. it's just so hard.
i went down, got my luggage and had my place in a bus. the pic was aina's sa. the abg nasyid. ahah.
i was just wondering, how could it be extra people in my bus??
i was so damn confused. cikai blamed for their negligence and 'corrupted' system. huh.
worst case scenario in my life so far, i guessed.

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