Wednesday, September 17, 2008

lazy me

it had been 6 hours since i surfed the net. crazy?? i didin't think so. crazy alone was just not enough to define me. yeah, okay!! 6 hours, including all the researches on our maths project maths. couldn't believe it, as we had our brains crashed for weeks just to have a topic. lazy me. i was supposed to do my part, typing all the paperwork. but i started by having a check on my friendster, and it turned up that i spent half of the time, viewing other pages. again, lazy me. got a lot, lot, lot of work to do. bio quiz on friday morning. english group discussion on friday. maths presentation on monday morning. english grammar presentation on the tuesday morning. busy me. ~haih~. missed mr lurz. couldn't figure out, when we're going to meet again. seriously, i was deeply hurt inside me when i had to leave him. a total loss. i missed him. and i miss him now. idiot. i loathed this stupid feeling of nonsense. come on fick!! wake up!! you're insane!!
yes. i'm insaned.
yes. i'm mad.
yes. i'm crazy.
yes. i'm nuts.
what else?? name me. i gotta get him outta my mind.

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