Thursday, September 18, 2008

bad morning

uhuh. we woke up at about 7.40a.m. i was just like 'wadda heck??!!'
i kept on saying shit3 because it's so damn late.
was just lucky that reading class had been cancelled.
or else, i'd go to class without taking bath.
or maybe stucked at the outside of the class.
poor my roomie. she's got class this morning. and she rushed as if it's the end of the world.
my bad.
i turned off the alarm clock and forgot to set on the new time one.
aiyah, amma, appa.
my eyes were just so damn heavy at that time, that i was barely to open them.
we both missed our sahur.
luckily, not that hungry.
just quite thirsty.
aina 'bebel-ed' me because i forgot to wake her up.
so i just told her the truth.
by the time she saw me in the toilet at 7.40a.m., while she just finished taking her bath, i was just up from my bed.
she was just like 'omg!!'
we then burst our laugh out.
don't want to get up late again tomorrow.
can't stand so long without having sahur.

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