Saturday, September 27, 2008

finally, we're going back to hometown after a 50 days of long-waited time to get back again. i missed home sooooo much!!
we're just lucky that with a touch of technology, we could still keep in touch with each other..
i wonder if there's no handphone..
i'm gonna to miss home like hell, like crazy..
well, insya-Allah, at about 9 am, we're departing from here, cfs iium pj..
the journey may take much, much longer than usual as the kl people start to make their moves by today..
a peak time, i guess..
a big probability that we may have to break our fast on the bus, or maybe somewhere else that are not our homes..
the journey may take for about 12-13 hours, 4-5 hours longer..
but as long as we have a VERY safe journey, i care nothing for the time taken to reach home..

i miss gathering around with my family, sharing our anecdotes and stories..
i miss my opah, to lay down again next to her..
i miss my love, comey, the one and only..if only he still remembers me lar.. but i guess, he'll adapt to my absence there..
i miss sleeping on my bed..
i miss my munchi-ness 24/7..
i miss watching lots, lots of movies..

i just miss everything tho..

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