Monday, September 29, 2008

kueh raya

i spent:
rm16 - oat biscuits

rm16 - almond chocolate tarts

rm18 - almond white

rm18 - almond london

rm18 - short bread

[and it has nothing to do with bread at all]

that totalled up rm16+rm16+rm18+rm18+rm18 = rm86

p/s: another rm17 for snow almond, which had been finished back in cfs with my colleagues.

on that day..

people say, expect the unexpected..
and i say, that is the moal of my story..

the morning we supposed to get back to kelantan, me, aina and cikai were in one bus, budaya b. the buses arrived and i was playing the 'budak baik' part, went to ask the person-in-charge aka pic, which was which our bus. and i got our bus. i was busy-ing myself with others, with our luggages.
we hopped on into the bus. i saw the seats had been filled. so we moved to the back. full again. cikai and aina got their seats, and i wasn't.
i believed that there were certain people who had their seat without any approval. shit. damn shit.
the pic got his friends to transfer me to the other bus. i shook hands with my friends, you could never wonder how i felt at that time. it's just so hard.
i went down, got my luggage and had my place in a bus. the pic was aina's sa. the abg nasyid. ahah.
i was just wondering, how could it be extra people in my bus??
i was so damn confused. cikai blamed for their negligence and 'corrupted' system. huh.
worst case scenario in my life so far, i guessed.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

finally, we're going back to hometown after a 50 days of long-waited time to get back again. i missed home sooooo much!!
we're just lucky that with a touch of technology, we could still keep in touch with each other..
i wonder if there's no handphone..
i'm gonna to miss home like hell, like crazy..
well, insya-Allah, at about 9 am, we're departing from here, cfs iium pj..
the journey may take much, much longer than usual as the kl people start to make their moves by today..
a peak time, i guess..
a big probability that we may have to break our fast on the bus, or maybe somewhere else that are not our homes..
the journey may take for about 12-13 hours, 4-5 hours longer..
but as long as we have a VERY safe journey, i care nothing for the time taken to reach home..

i miss gathering around with my family, sharing our anecdotes and stories..
i miss my opah, to lay down again next to her..
i miss my love, comey, the one and only..if only he still remembers me lar.. but i guess, he'll adapt to my absence there..
i miss sleeping on my bed..
i miss my munchi-ness 24/7..
i miss watching lots, lots of movies..

i just miss everything tho..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

kebab part2

i'll get mine yester day..
but not the one with meat filling.
chicken one, which costed me rm 3.50.
went out with aina yesterday.
tell you later the whole story k??

p/s:my laptop has been officially sent to the 'perfect computer solution'.
so, no lappy for now. request for new windows-vista, antivirus-can't bear longer without one, adobe photoshop-maybe, 2007 microsoft office, repair my adobe reader 8.0, and bla..bla..bla..

Friday, September 19, 2008


sri introduced me this new pita kebab she bought in bazaar. hurm. yummy. quite tasty. the pita bread was so soft that we ate it using merely a plastic spoon. the meat inside was tender, and the 'kuah' thingy, black pepper sauce maybe, added the deliciousness. thought to get one tomorrow. but will have perdana iftar in amf hall. wait till i get one. and i show you the pics.

honeyed cornflakes

my parcel arrived this morning. i went to the post office to check it out and alhamdulillah, it reached here peacefully. i signed, i asked irah to hold my bio book and i carried that BIG box, all by my own. quite heavy, but still could manage it. as soon as i got to my room, i quickly changed and distributed the tupperwares to those who ordered before. gave them and got my money and surfed internet. easy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

secret admirer no 1

haha. this girl has nothing in her mind except those she admires.
1st secret admire.
mr miq. knew him when i was first came to the elc agm couple of months ago. i thought he was the senior from either gombak or kuantan campus. but, he's surely not. he's one of the cfsians. good-looking. smart. fair. shor hair. 'jambu'. tall.
then, met him again when i was on my way to my study circle, the first session. it was an accident. so shocked to meet him. from that, knew that he's truly a cfsian.
then, came the bureaus meeting. met him again. of course, he's one of the prominent figures of the club. i was about to enter a dark class, to take a chair. while he was there, switching on the lights. my mouth was so 'gatal' and 'gedik' that i gave 'salam'. it looked like there's nothing wrong with that. but i was just so 'segan' with him. luckily, he replied my 'salam'.
after that, did meet him for few times. but i stsrted to lose my admiration towards him due to the incident during the lac. lost my respect on him.
heard that one of the committees told us that there were some of them that didn't perform their prayers. wallahu'alam. i didn't know how true was that.
was he involved?? i just didn't know.
just now, during this ec meeting, i couldn't believe that he entered the ly room with bro nala. so shocked maa. my sis asked him to join. so i guessed he just came in.
i said bye to my sis. and he's quite 'gatal'. also wanted to say bye to us.
'memang dasar lelaki tak boleh tengok perempuan dahi licin. tapi dahi aku tak licin.' so just assume that he's saying byes to others. i just 'jual mahal'.

secret admirer no 2

2nd secret admire
mr lam. this guy, huh, has a gangster look. LOL. did he?? no-lar. yeah, maybe with the 'serabai' hair. moustache. beard. he did look a little bit scary. but he's TOTALLY KIND!!!! very gentleman. gets friendly with everyone despite who they are. and i just had my chance to have a chat with him. but i wasted it. he's so close to me. i mean he sat next to me-lar. aiyah. must think bad2 one ha??! we're just discussed on our work regarding the things-to-do on our competiton. can i say it again?? he's EXTREMELY NICE!!! soft-spoken. i thought i was going to melt there. hehe. he is a handsome bloke. HE IS!! i wonder if his moustache and beard were removed. and no more 'serabai' hair. only short one. eww. no more handsome-lor. he's much better in his situation right now. accpet him as what he is ok?? he did look tired just now. too busy maybe. poor him. so poor this guy, had to suffer from all these busy things. haaa..
i think,i'm going to see him again for quite a number of times, because our bureaus need to collaborate with each other. and i'll be happy to do that. hoho3.

p/s: and fick has this so-called gatalness disease. no cure found yet.

bad morning

uhuh. we woke up at about 7.40a.m. i was just like 'wadda heck??!!'
i kept on saying shit3 because it's so damn late.
was just lucky that reading class had been cancelled.
or else, i'd go to class without taking bath.
or maybe stucked at the outside of the class.
poor my roomie. she's got class this morning. and she rushed as if it's the end of the world.
my bad.
i turned off the alarm clock and forgot to set on the new time one.
aiyah, amma, appa.
my eyes were just so damn heavy at that time, that i was barely to open them.
we both missed our sahur.
luckily, not that hungry.
just quite thirsty.
aina 'bebel-ed' me because i forgot to wake her up.
so i just told her the truth.
by the time she saw me in the toilet at 7.40a.m., while she just finished taking her bath, i was just up from my bed.
she was just like 'omg!!'
we then burst our laugh out.
don't want to get up late again tomorrow.
can't stand so long without having sahur.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

lazy me

it had been 6 hours since i surfed the net. crazy?? i didin't think so. crazy alone was just not enough to define me. yeah, okay!! 6 hours, including all the researches on our maths project maths. couldn't believe it, as we had our brains crashed for weeks just to have a topic. lazy me. i was supposed to do my part, typing all the paperwork. but i started by having a check on my friendster, and it turned up that i spent half of the time, viewing other pages. again, lazy me. got a lot, lot, lot of work to do. bio quiz on friday morning. english group discussion on friday. maths presentation on monday morning. english grammar presentation on the tuesday morning. busy me. ~haih~. missed mr lurz. couldn't figure out, when we're going to meet again. seriously, i was deeply hurt inside me when i had to leave him. a total loss. i missed him. and i miss him now. idiot. i loathed this stupid feeling of nonsense. come on fick!! wake up!! you're insane!!
yes. i'm insaned.
yes. i'm mad.
yes. i'm crazy.
yes. i'm nuts.
what else?? name me. i gotta get him outta my mind.

self conflicts part 3

en satu sent me a message last night. it's more to a prayer. i was reluctant at first to reply, but my stupid desire forced me to. and it didn't end up as good i wanted to. idiot. you know him very well enough to not reply anything. where's your so-called dignity ha?? foolish.
en satu.. en satu.. you did confuse me. congrats. guessed i was your 'best' victim. kudos. you managed to hurt me for this time, again.

Monday, September 15, 2008

self conflicts part 2

you remember en satu, the one whom i spent my sleeping hours, just to chat with him via ym?? this guy, i guessed, he's just so complicated. well, guys are COMPLICATED, right?? i met him few times, but never once he had the guts to say hello to me. was it hard enough, if only to say hye or hey?? i could accept that because i knew his character. egoistic. stone-headed. but my bestie was way much luckier. they met, they had said no words. but en satu immediately texted her. i said WHAT??!! i thought, i was jealous and envy of her. stupid. me, not her. i love her. always. i wanted to ask her desperately, whether she had crush on this en satu, so that i just could back off. but, first of all, i knew that i would be her laughing stock throughout the week!! i didn't want to have a fight over a guy. it's embarrassing. it's humiliated. stupid act, okay??!!

self conflicts part 1

i didn't know why. but i felt a total loss as i walked away from the car last night. at first, i thought it was normal and i tried to talk to my roomie as usual. and to my surprise, i did talked a lot last night before i got to sleep. i just couldn't sleep last night. i wondered why. as i shut my eyes, i saw his shadows. we're just spending just few hours together. and i could feel how hard for me to leave him. why ha?? he's warm and friendly. caring and loving. having a good sense of humour. athletic figure.or maybe, was it because i had no big brother, so that's why i missed him like crazy?? i didn't know. all i could see around me was only his face. he's way much older than me. 10 years or more. i didn't know. but the way he treated and entertained me as if we had known each other for quite a long time. yes, we did. because we had this blood realtionship. it's not possible. but during the older days, it's hard to see him. he was in a boarding school. and then he flew to the overseas. or could it be, he missed his only sister,and that's why he cared for me just like he did to his little sister?? again, i didn't know. this guy whom i called mr lurz is now working with an airline company. but not as a pilot. an ENGIneer to be exact. i'm now disturbed. i am now distracted.