Saturday, May 24, 2008


i took a nap this afternoon..i woke all of sudden because of the sound of the loud thunder[in the afternoon?? no rain..well, ainul's favourite of afternoon's thunder, LOL]..then, i had my lunch with my family..bla,bla,bla.. this time around, i didn't missed going to 'pasar malam',buying our favourite nasi back, played badminton [again?!]. and the climax, was a must-watch drama series from taiwan, my best pals [ah jiang, xia tian, bulu, fang wei]. as usual, hilarious and my laughter was a must.
went out for shopping in tesco kb, got some things, not as many as before [i didn't know why, although my parents received their salaries today].
we came home, had our supper.
the best part was, playing 'who wants to be a millionaire' with iwe and angah. they started the game first, then i just joined. combinations of our three 'smart' brains and strategies, we won the 1 million for the first time ever! cheers to me[of course,LOL], angah and iwe. *bow and worship*

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