Friday, May 30, 2008


hey!! i've been lazy-ing myself from blogging[i didn't know why], but instead, reading others' blogs. WWAAAHH!! way too cool than mine lorh..!! reading theirs didn't mean that i loved to jaga tepi kain orang, but to catch up with everything that i'd been missed, and on top of that, to improve my english. yeah..after a while, not writing, not reading in english, it had been so hard for me to blog so smooth in english. and that resulted a 'rojak' blog'. LOL.

well, today, i don't have much to blog. it's just to fill my time, since i'm not so attracted to ym or chat with anyone tonight. what a boring night!! just now, we went to kb mall [and i didn't know why i suddenly asked all the people to go there, and balik with nothing. me-lar, others still got their stuff-lor. while me, just 'lepak-ing] in the popular]. then, we had our dinner+supper at our all-time favourite place of roti bakar, white house. there were sooo many people that we had to wait for about half an hour to get our table. well, actually, we did get some tables, but we were 6, so i wanted space for each of us. and we just derma the small tables to other customers. so nice la fikah *[proud woo!!]*. LOL. tak baik la riak. with my innocent-looking face, i managed to persuade the customers on the larger table, to move faster. so jahat la pulak! hehe..

and this evening, i filled my time, like i said, reading other blogs, varied from politics to daily lives. i found this blog, kak zahra's ib friend, named faizal. from sarawak if i were not mistaken-la. his english was damn good. seriously, EXCELLENT. it's like i was reading a novel-la pulak. but i didn't link his here. yeah. i read just for fun. and of course, KNOWLEDGE.

shame on me. my blog was so tunggang-langgang. and DEADLY BORED!! hugh!! ok-la. i'm trying ok?? it's just i need some air, space and TIME to kill all these.

NOW, i feel so blurred and blank. have no idea at all what this iium centre of foundation will be. even i've browsed the link, but still, they don't seem to comfort me at all. maybe because i'm too afraid of leaving everything here. plus, we're leaving so damn EARLIER than my other friend since we're taking air asia flight to kl. and mama doesn't want me to bring so many things, which leads me in confusion and frustration, of taking that thing, not taking this thing. ARRGH!!
tension maa..

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