Thursday, May 22, 2008


just now in the evening, i played badminton with the kids in my neighbourhood. and by the time i'm writing this, there are some other kids, including my brother, iwe, playing that game. here in our neighbourhood, it's not weird seeing people playing sports, even at nights. the guys here do play football after 11 at night. sounds unbelievable right?? but once you come here, you'll see all that. miss all the sweetest times during my childhood. there were awesome!! we played all kinds of sports and games. *sigh*
now, when i grow up being a 'anak dara', rasa semacam lain kalau nak bergaul balik dengan those guys, who used to be my best buddies. ~duh..
well, old times can never be repeated, what more to be replaced. and then, i'm leaving again my place, out to much bigger town, or should we call it a metropolitan..?? KL. or much accurate, is pj [dekat la tuh dengan Kl, kan?? *blurred*]

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