Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i slept at 3 in the morning. chatted with this guy. i guessed, he's the one making me to sleep so late [which to him, quite early]. well, let me tell you some about him.

en satu, i called him[here only], was my classmate. he's totally different back in school to be compared when i was chatting with him. in school, he used to be harsh, egoistic, love to tease people[especially the girls-la, of course] and many more-lorh. but, chattin with him at some nights, made me to think, 'is this the same guy that i knew before?'. i kept asking myself that question. now, he's away from those things i mentioned above. so sensitive, caring and loving, no more teasing, open-minded, cool, patient, and most important thing here, he's no longer a pusher. and also seemed to be a good listener. not bored and dull. he waited for me to speak up my mind and he stopped when i signalled my sleepiness. way so cool, right??

i just can't list all his goodness-es here. too much to be compared.

there, came my deep, deep instinct. guys could always lie when they're online. i just didn't know whether it's him that cared. with all the good things on him. true or not, i couldn't never figure it out. it's just so hard. life's just complicated, and so was my relationship with this other guy. ah, just forget it!!

i hope i will never get carried away when i have my chat with him at some other times. hope so. really, really hope for it. because i don't want to repeat any of my bad history(-ies). hate to be hurt again.

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