Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i had this new habit. eating after 10pm++.i didn't know why. seriously, now i'm worried. what if my body become like a big,big balloon?? what if i have this apple shape of body??so worrying. stressful. i think, i need help. big, big HELP!! i used to control my appetite of eating at midnight by drinking a glass of cold horlicks. but i stopped abruptly. couldn't figure the reasons. maybe i was so lazy to walk from my chair and go to make it. yeah. it could be quite a good reason. ok. enough about my bad2 habit.

this evening, at 2, i went for my x-ray thing. never thought it could be that fast [plus there's not so many people there, maybe that's why]. there, i met my mom's friend, together with her daughter, dhamira, something like that. she got the offer to iium too. and pharmacy, too. yeah. that's because her mom's an assistant director of pharmacy department. and so my mom started to ask her about all the prospects that i can get after i graduate. she said, there's a lot actually. it's just that our people's minds, were always sticking to medicine, being a doctor, with the title Dr.. she told us, yeah, almost the same things as our seniors in pktr07. maybe, i was too bored, that my eyes were roaming all parts of the room. i mean, the x-ray waiting area. well, back to this dhamira, she looked quiet [and obedient,too]. her last school was zainab1, and she was the best student of her school in our previous spm. the best thing was, she got the offer from jpa, to further her study in pharmacy, australia. it sounded good enough to my ears, but she rejected. because her top of the list, studying in uk. and that's why she accepted the iium offer, after considering all the pros and cons. best of luck!!

i searched for my f4 and f5 books in the evening. i knew that i couldn't bring a lot, so i just had to decide which one should be my priority. so, i had my chemistry and physics modules[which were damn thick!], my bio revision book and some add maths books [since i wasn't so good in that, although i loved maths before..btw love is not enough ok?!]. here they are. just next to me.

me?? i hope iium is the right choice to pick. the BEST, i wish. Allah gives me the feeling of not choosing other places, except iium. i know, there must be a reason. maybe lots of reasons, actually. i've been thinking, one of them must be to develop the pharmaceutical field, in line with islamic way. pray to be the best. no more play2. it has to be serious this time, because it has something to deal with my career in the future.

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