Friday, May 23, 2008

beautiful morning

good morning everyone!!!*sigh* feeling good, refreshed and rejuvenated, so i decide not to continue sleeping. i always think that i only can hear the sounds of morning-animals[ayam berkokok, birds etc], only in kampung2 je. but i guess i'm wrong. this is not my first time waking up so early, it has been lots2 of time. but the oppotunity of writing a blog early in the morning, never comes so far. the reasons of listening to all that are because the reban ayam was just behind my room, belonged to my neighbour[which sometimes the ayam2 can be so annoying!!] and also our family has some fruit trees next to our house, and they do attract birds and bees, too!!*sigh again* that is the beautiful of the time after dawn.

p/s: kalau nak nampak awet muda, kata orang tua2, keluar rumah tu, sapu embun ke muka. mesti kulit muka lebih anjal. well, i've never done that. sebab global warming, so susah nak jumpa embun2 pagi ni.

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