Friday, May 23, 2008

badminton freak, am I??

i always thought myself as a badminton freak, while i'm not..~hurm..
i define the terms 'badminton freak', as one who plays badminton, knows everything a-z about badminton world and bla,bla,bla..
i played badminton tadi, at 9 something [when i thought not to get sweat again, after taking my shower senja tadi, but i still played]..
well, you'd never know that you'd get excited too, just to see others were playing like hell..
like there was a real badminton championship [cheers to mat, ya, jiren, anip, iwe,angah]..
at the other side, there were the same guys who played football [and it's not a weird thing here, in taman bayu]..
playing badminton at any time, is common here..[especially when there's any badminton championship held]
so, wanna try??
come to kelantan-la..
there's so many things to do..
that's because it's TAHUN MELAWAT KELANTAN 2008

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