Thursday, May 22, 2008

bad,bad stomachache

i've been to the toilet for about 4 times..including just now..
my bad, i guess..
my perut sangatlah kosong when the time i just put all the food in font of me at the restaurant last night..
selalunya, minum air kosong dulu before i eat anything..
maybe i was just so hungry that i forgot all that..
worried if history repeats itslef [well, you know, i got bad stomachache, the night before our last day of spm, BIOLOGY!! thanx to aina and ainul that helped to papah me 3o'clock in the morning to cikgu paridah's car, also into the clinic *bow2*]
now, it's getting better..although i didn't take any ubat, except for opah's minyak angin cap kapak..
hope to get much better..

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