Friday, April 4, 2008


owh, puh-lease! i'm not that attracted. it's just destiny decided us to meet, and so what? how i am supposed to avoid it. and again we're going to meet at the end of this month. still, i'm not hoping. what should i describe him? he reminded me some parts of mr S. hahaha~. how funny is that. tall, n i say, quite attractive. let me name him mr CF. i bet elly knows him well, right my dear?! aina also. she looked like ahe's been attracted since a decade ago. just joking, sayang! what else should i say? dark complexion, compared to mr S, who's much fairer. not kind a specky one! nope. not that talkative, but not so quiet and silent one. we have quite a lot in common. we're both the eldest out of four. is that all?? hahahaha~ (",). he's sweet. yes, he is! a joker?? maybe-lah! experienced losing 2 or 3 of his teeth. the reason was he fell off the ground from his bike. sounded funny. but not to me-lar. so he said that he wore some kind of fake teeth right now. yeah! that's him. enough-lar. no more about him.

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