Wednesday, January 2, 2008


i think, this is the first time i feel this depressed. i thought, today's going to be okay and just fine for me to sit back and relax.
or it's just me that too COMPLICATED to let myself to be understood. hey! come on! i'll be okay if no one tries to block my way. why must she win? that keeps lingering inside me. is that because i was not around for about 5 years and that let her to do eveything she wanted to??
she has almost EVERYTHING!
she's got her own space(even to hibernate herself), while i'm NOT.
i keep asking..
that everything just seemed so wrong..maybe yes..maybe nope..
attentions were all fair as far as i could see-lar..

aku tak nak cari gaduh dengan dia.
that's the first thing i've ever thought.
tolong lar jugak jgan cari pasal dgn aku..
coz i'm not the you're going to mess with..


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