Thursday, January 3, 2008


hurmh..sitting in front my laptop, while it's still quite chilling for me inside here[oh, yeah?!]. having a packet of julie's peanut butter cookies and a mug of mocha. what else can i say? this is my life. i wonder, what are the people in faris doing right now? you know, being an ex-student was not that relieving, instead i missed some things there[even i'm glad to be freed from loads of endless schoolwork]. i don't know why. it seems so hard for me to even have some little chats with anyone. or should i call that the pms season's arriving. hahaha. wishing the girls are here, ith me right now. there had been lots of things we'd had together. from birthday surprises to that 'tsunami' thing. ahaksx. i don't want to have any single piece of that worst memories in my life. worst? but, actually, it showed unity that i'd never seen before. there, we knew the people, who really understood us. maybe that's our way. i'm clueless. enough about that.

2008 had already started. and i'm still thinking. of what? i'll tell about that later.

why can't i just forgive her? i guess, it's the egoistic part, somewhere inside me, disallowed that forgiveness. she didn't even apology. then why should i?
i've been defending her all this while. then she should think ny herself now. i can't figure it out whether to help her or not. i'm just not in a good condition till i wrote this blog.

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