Thursday, January 10, 2008


got no mood to blog lately. well, i had been quite busy for the reunion of 6d 2002.

macam2 kene buat. nak kene meeting lagihs, cari orang, jumpe cekgu n even meeting wif the new HM. she looked nice to me. n a lil bit strict , maybe. dunno her dat mach.
aku demam jek 2,3 hari nis. maleh jek nak amek ubat. aku asek tensen jek 2,3 menjak nihs. banyak mende nak kene pikie. kene buat. people keep complaining this and that. who do they think they are ha??
i'm sooo tired. nope. damn tired.
and plizzz, stop yelling me..instructing me with everything.
i'm not a robot ok??
at least..give me some spaces to breathe..
i'm drowning.
aku dah lemas. macam lagu lemas ruffedge tuhs. n rimas fabulous cats. aku nak wat pe yang aku nak n pe yang aku suker. dun force me. tolonglah!!aku nak ruang aku sendirik..aku dah lamer nak lepaskan komitmen yang berat tuhs. n come another one. aku tataw aku nihs actually heppiey ngan interview tuhs. perhaps, sum people will ungrateful i am. bukan!!!aku banyak mende yang aku plan dlm pikiran aku nihs. dan x semua yg kiter nak tuhs, kite akan dapat. i finally found amirah nabila yang transfer tyme aku standard 4 luh. she's sick. maybe sumtim 2 do wif cancer. i dunno. i'm too afraid to ask. but i saw her passion to life, which i dun hv. she's got utp. but..dunno lar tuhs..set2 nih ader gak citer pasal diye sakit lame dah. but she kept smiling. supports are surronding her. everywhere. from every corner. aku??'s not dat i'm giving up wif my life..aku jaz nak free..siket pom okaey lar tuhs..paler aku dah bengang nih taw. i miz my fwens. alot..x leh nak cakap..windu sgt2..i wish they were here..ryte next to me..hemm..hurmm..aku males lar nak pikir dah..aku x bacer pa per pom psl tun abdul razak nih. lantak lar...aku akan pahamkan..bukan hafal..dunno why..i jaz admire him..huhuhu..

Friday, January 4, 2008


this is what lucas said. the ONE TREE HILL quote.

"Have you ever had a dream that seems so real, when you woke up you didn't know what to believe? What would you do if what you thought was true wasn't and what you wasn't true was? Would you retreat into your dreams with the hope of finding a more perfect reality? Sometimes life is stranger than a dream and the only way to wake up is to face what lies hidden in your soul. And you can only hope that in those moments of dark reflections that you are not alone."

you know what...??!! YOU'LL HEVER WALK ALONE [ khe ne ex walk alou ] - LiVeRpOoL

today's stories..

not that much to tell. i'd woken up in the morning, shocked by the noisy sounds from some kinds of plane or whatsoever. then, i caught up with the news in the Utusan. i found out that the new Tesco by the bridge had opened since yesterday. people were rushing up to get the cooking oil [especially with the Labour ones]. i asked my abah to have a peek at the Tesco, and gosh, cars were all filled the streets. at that time, we made up our minds and switched our way to the KB mall instead. and i got my new pants[peach in colour-by CHEETAH]. and of course, i wouldn't take that the first choice to hang around with such that bright colour!

still, not finish yet reading Tak Semanis Impian. it's actually the sequel to Tak Seindah Mimpi by Sharifah Abu Salem. she's my favourite, most of the time.

i checked my messages. i found pendi's one.

now, i know what he meant.

29Dec2007, 21.00p.m.

Andai esok nafasku terhenti, ingatilah detik terakhir dari ini...

Andai esok kumati, maafkanlah segala kesalahanku...

Hanya satu yang perlu kautahu,

aku gembira mengenali mu..

Aku pelik lar jugak, apsal lak mamat ni shiwang sangat..rupe2nye, die dah nak gi plkn..aku tak leh nak balas mese diye, coz kredit aku dah expired..huhuhu...woooo..wua!!!sedey lar..aku x sempat nak cakap gudbye n take care kat die..ape jenih kawan lar aku neh..nih aku tuleh pasal diye coz tetiba jek windu kat diye..diye lar the guy yang sanggup tadah telinga diye dengar probs aku psal other guys..until la one nyte in da feb 07..x leh nak cite lar..aku pom ingat2 lupe..heheehey.. notty gal lar..diye baek..tapi aku tataw la diye n awek die camne skang..maleh nak tanyer..kono2 x nak masuk campor hal umah tgga owang...huahkaka..gurau jek..jangan mare..

dan secara tak langsung..aku terimbau kenangan aku ngan first best buddy kat faris luh..tapi kitowang dah x kawan..tu pom aku yang mitak..aku taw..die dah x tahan dengan aku yang penoh ngan probs..aku windu tyme form 3 luh,thn 2005..fwenship kitowang mmg tough..tu mmg set2 nie akui lar..aku simpan lagi surat2 die yang die bagi kat aku..yang aku bagi kat die..aku tataw lar..die taruk ke tak..ntah2 dah bakar kot..b4 balik 26 dec ae tuh..aku kasi die gmbr tyme dinner prifek 2006..tyme tuh mmg dah x josh lar jadik tukang ngantor nye..die baek..mmg baek..cume aku je yang jahat..mule nye partner aku marah gak coz aku putuih sahabat lar kire ngan si lex josh backed up aku lor..die cakap mesty lex dah t'seksa coz aku admire kat cluzmate aka owg seblah die..cume maybe..pandangan kitowang lar..die x nak mitak putuh takut aku marah..kire aku yg stat, dah jadik 1 rahmat lar tuh..maybe tol lar predictions aku n josh slamer kian neh..a guy n a gal..besh fwens..mesty ader slh sorg yg 'kiok'..dah x der jodoh shabat antara kami kot..aku redha..aku sedey taw..coz final year aku..abes cam gituh jek..tyme sirih pulang ke gagang..x sume dak2 neh g dining hall..aku frust lar..tapi naseb bek gak lar..dak2 dorm aku sumer ade..kire okay ler..tengok dah melalut aku neh..cume kalow lex bace aku nye blog neh..aku nak diye taw yang aku tetap sayang kat die as my first guy..dan aku windu giler sama kamo..aku x menyesal dengan aper yang dah jadik tuh..cume aku t'kilan sket coz aku x dapt p'tahankan fwensip kitowng yg almost 3 years tuh...hah..puah atie aku leh luah..

Thursday, January 3, 2008

+KAMI the seriEs+

my favourite series ever. got only few episodes, an hour each. but totally satisfying.

KAMI @ 8tv

Liyana Jasmay as LYN
Syarul Ezani Bin Mohamed Ezzuddeen (Ezani) as ALI
Juliana Sophie Binti Johari Evans as SOFIE
Nas Muammar Zar (NAS-t) as ABU
Ani Zayanah Ibrahim (Zeyna) as ADII

KAMI The Series follows the individual stories of a group of five friends and the events that lead them to find each other.
LYN is a small town girl who dreams of pursuing journalism and traveling around the world. In her spare time she writes her own fanzine called KAMI under the pseudonym Teka Teki. Independent and streetwise, Lynn makes extra pocket money by selling her fanzines and her homework to the kids at school. But in an attempt to gain more cash to replace her old computer she unwittingly gets herself embroiled with a drug-dealer named Boy forcing her mother to make the decision to move the family to KL.
As they adjust to life in the big city, Lynn soon finds herself making new friends.

There is ALI who struggles with a lack of self-esteem that gets in the way of making and performing his own music and who finds himself having to cope with his parents’ crumbling marriage due to his father’s failing business. As his family makes necessary changes that include pulling Ali out of private boarding school and selling off his sister’s apartment, Ali watches as the family is slowly torn apart.
More comfortable portraying herself as the airhead flirt SOFIE is in fact the smartest of the group, aching to be taken seriously for her brains rather than her looks. But growing up in her mother’s two failed marriages and having to put up with her mother’s ongoing attempts at grooming her into the perfect trophy wife feed on her insecurities and eat into her brief but intense relationship with Ali.
The joker of the group, ABU is Ali’s steadfast friend and the girls’ willing ally whose tragic past leads him into a self-destructive cycle of petty theft and gang fights that all but severs his relationship with his father.
ADII, Ali’s cousin,is the rock that holds the group together doing her best to deal with the embarrassing situations she is put in by her mother’s hearing problem. But the mysterious disappearance of a guy she met on the Internet holds her back from moving on fully with her life.
As they each deal with their personal conflict, they learn that they are all on the same road to self-discovery and can no longer avoid coming to terms with self-doubt, relationships, parental pressures and the angst of living the banalities of life in the suburbs.
With the future of adult responsibilities closing in on them, the five friends take comfort in the one thing they can count on – their friendship – and music to define the most confusing time of their lives – the teenage years.


hurmh..sitting in front my laptop, while it's still quite chilling for me inside here[oh, yeah?!]. having a packet of julie's peanut butter cookies and a mug of mocha. what else can i say? this is my life. i wonder, what are the people in faris doing right now? you know, being an ex-student was not that relieving, instead i missed some things there[even i'm glad to be freed from loads of endless schoolwork]. i don't know why. it seems so hard for me to even have some little chats with anyone. or should i call that the pms season's arriving. hahaha. wishing the girls are here, ith me right now. there had been lots of things we'd had together. from birthday surprises to that 'tsunami' thing. ahaksx. i don't want to have any single piece of that worst memories in my life. worst? but, actually, it showed unity that i'd never seen before. there, we knew the people, who really understood us. maybe that's our way. i'm clueless. enough about that.

2008 had already started. and i'm still thinking. of what? i'll tell about that later.

why can't i just forgive her? i guess, it's the egoistic part, somewhere inside me, disallowed that forgiveness. she didn't even apology. then why should i?
i've been defending her all this while. then she should think ny herself now. i can't figure it out whether to help her or not. i'm just not in a good condition till i wrote this blog.


har..har..har..[from DIVA POPULAR]
lupe nak citer.ari tuh aku n yed ader isi borg utk ksus yysn pmgg amnh tun abd rzk. lame dah. maybe b4 exam. n 2 my surpraiz, surat reply nye smpai klmrn. aku igt dh kne rijek ke pe. a'ah lar. aku nih jaz calon simpann jek. yed calon utama. tp, alhamdulillah, dlm surat itu menyatakan bhw aku kne pgi interview wif d other 9, includim mariam aka headgal semnza. nsb bek dh knal dye. 26/01 neh kne g jpn. aku nk tny abe dee lar. dye dh pgi ksus tuh tyme thn 2005. nmpk cm best. tp aku b'srh jek. kalo dpt, syukur. n kne g 6ty bln april 08. kalow x, it's fine wif me. x de rzki lar katekan. sumtim's better awaitim me ke?? gotta go. iwe dh bsing coz my abah still x dtg lagi nk amek dye g skewl. dye evenim session lar. stat kol 1, abes kol 6.30. nk offline jap. cian dye. nk call abah aku.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

..<[civics awareness]>..

1. Belief in God
2. Loyalty to King and Country
3. The Supremacy of the Constitution
4. The Rule of Law
5. Courtesy and Morality

  • to achieve greater unity among Malaysians
  • to maintain a democratic way of life
  • to create a just society in which the wealth of the nation shall be equitably shared
  • to ensure a liberal approach to her rich and diverse cultural traditions
  • to build a progressive society which shall be oriented to modern science and technology



i think, this is the first time i feel this depressed. i thought, today's going to be okay and just fine for me to sit back and relax.
or it's just me that too COMPLICATED to let myself to be understood. hey! come on! i'll be okay if no one tries to block my way. why must she win? that keeps lingering inside me. is that because i was not around for about 5 years and that let her to do eveything she wanted to??
she has almost EVERYTHING!
she's got her own space(even to hibernate herself), while i'm NOT.
i keep asking..
that everything just seemed so wrong..maybe yes..maybe nope..
attentions were all fair as far as i could see-lar..

aku tak nak cari gaduh dengan dia.
that's the first thing i've ever thought.
tolong lar jugak jgan cari pasal dgn aku..
coz i'm not the you're going to mess with..


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

it's da new year of 2008

ikutkan hati..maleh gak nak tulih...
tapi tak kesah lar..
bebudak faris neh mesti dah kene pi skewl...
aku cuti lagi wooo...
ari sabtu 29/12..
ade gatherim set dorm aku..wat kat kb mol..
kalo kire..ajak gak aina, mc ju, mc ye..
tapi diorang tak datang..
but..overall..memang syok giler..
lame gak dah aku x gelak cam gle2 cm ae tuh..
mkn MC D...
aku ajk my angah tmn kan..
kecian gk kt dye...
tp dye ok jek..
da nx day afta reunion..
ilie lak dh ciao g plkn..
sedey lar x ckp mmber..
igt kn leh jln2 p ganu ka..
pi umah che nol kita..